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The Kodak i3300 is a fast, compact and productive document scanner. It is ideal for scanning large volumes of documents.

The Kodak i3300 allows the scanning of a large number of heterogeneous documents up to A4 and A3 format thanks to its dual U- shaped or flatbed paper path. Regardless of document size, thickness or weight, the output tray adjusts easily and enables efficient document retrieval.

Thanks to the Smart Touch control panel and the display screen, repetitive daily procedures are made easier and require less time. It is also possible to scan to various destinations: PDF, Sharepoint, Evernote, folder, email or printer.

Thanks to the Kodak Perfect Page software, the Kodak i3300 has many image processing options : straightening, cropping, cropping, color detection, blank pages, smoothing, automatic orientation, barcode reading, etc.

The Kodak i3300 has a staple and binding detection system to help prevent possible paper jams. Optional A4 and A3 exposure glasses allow the scanning of specific documents (large, bound, fragile). A back printing module is also available as an option.

With its 250-sheet automatic feeder, a scan speed of 80 pages / min and ultrasonic double-feed detection, the Kodak i3300 achieves an average volume of 17,500 pages per day. Dual LED lighting ensures a sharper image and better color stability.

Features :

  • Productive and compact

  • Speed 70 pages / min - A4 / A3 250 sheet automatic feeder

  • Straight or U-shaped paper path and optional A4 or A3 document glass

  • Kodak Perfect Page and SmartTouch software included

Kodak i3300


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