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The Kodaki5250 is a fast high volume scanner ideal for meeting the speed and volume demands of businesses.

The Kodaki5250 achieves unlimited volume with a scanning speed of 150 pages / min, a 750-sheet A4 / A3 automatic feeder and ultrasonic double-feed detector.

The Kodak i5250 is the production tool par excellence.

The Kodak i5250 has a touchscreen that makes it easy to interact with the scanner. Programmable function keys minimize user intervention, saving time and precision on repetitive and complex scanning tasks.

The Kodak i5250 can scan all types of heterogeneous documents up to A3 and even up to 4.8m in long document mode.

The Kodak i5250 has all the automatic processing functions to improve scan quality, optimize rendering and ensure production continuity: Perfect Page, trail filtering, controlled stacking, color detection, cropping, straightening, removal of blank pages, automatic orientation, ...

Features :

  • Great performance and high image quality

  • Speed 150 pages / min / A4 / A3 750 sheet automatic feeder

  • Programmable function keys

  • Rear paper output controllable from the touch screen

  • Integrated metal detector

Kodak i5250


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