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For digitization, SCANADOC surrounds itself with 7 major technological partners


Founded in 1935, Fujitsu is a renowned Japanese company that is one of the largest IT service providers in the world and is the number one in the Japanese market. Indeed, over the years, Fujitsu has been at the origin of many innovations and significant achievements in terms of technologies. Today it offers a very broad portfolio of products, solutions and services to equip companies or data centers.

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Founded in 1918, Panasonic is one of the world's largest electronics companies. For the general public and professionals, it markets a very wide range of products ranging from epilators, multimedia systems, including the famous Lumix digital cameras and flat screens. Combining performance and compactness with an excellent quality / price ratio, Panasonic has always developed with the desire to create value in the electronics sector, to devote itself to the progress and development of society. An objective that the brand has pursued since its creation and which is found today in each of its products.

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Founded in 2013, Kodak Alaris is a technology company that strives to transform businesses and improve the lives of people everywhere. With its award-winning portfolio of scanners, software and services powering some of the world's largest companies, Kodak Alaris helps streamline business processes leveraging decades of experience in innovation and engineering science. imagery.

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Founded in 1908 by two Japanese brothers, Brother first specialized in industrial sewing machines, more than 100 years ago, where they were only produced in Europe and the United States. It was not until the 1970s that the brand developed its activity and launched into printing solutions.

In the digital age and after more than 50 years of presence in the market, Brother occupies the position of French leader of multifunction laser printers by inventing and developing printing solutions so that everyone can print, scan, fax, copy and label easily and quickly.

Armed with technology and design, Brother products have adapted to the most demanding business environments and have served the ever-changing needs of customers for over 100 years.

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Founded in 1937 in Japan, Canon is a world leader in digital image and document technologies. A recognized and respected brand for over 80 years, Canon uses its innovative capabilities to serve the general public, businesses and industry so that everyone can enrich their daily experiences and reinvent the field of possibilities.

Convinced of the importance of sustainable and respectable development, Canon relies in this approach on "Kyosei", its corporate philosophy which emphasizes "Living and working together for the common well-being". This principle is at the heart of all the brand's activities and guides all of the group's employees, who thus work to unleash the potential of technologies and services around images and documents.

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Founded in 1942, Epson is a must-have company, a trusted partner on a global scale, recognized for its dedication to openness, customer satisfaction and sustainability. The brand offers a wide range of products using advanced technologies: printers, scanners, cameras, projectors, etc.

Epson has always had a strong desire to innovate and bring fresh ideas to its market, which leads it to create innovative, reliable, recyclable and energy efficient products. Epson is constantly developing new ways to help meet environmental standards and uses the latest technology. Epson products are able to precisely meet the needs of consumers, businesses and governments around the world.

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IRIS Group (abbreviation of Image Recognition Integrated Systems Group ) is an IT company of Belgian origin, created in 1987 and 100% owned, since 2013, by the Japanese company Canon. IRIS specializes in information management, offering products and services to businesses, public administrations and individuals.

Discover the brand's products by visiting our IRIS store.

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