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The DS-80W is easy to use, install and transport thanks to its compact design. It can be used without a power source, making your organization even easier. It detects, without your intervention, whether it is in wireless mode or connected via USB. Its integrated optical character recognition document capture software allows you to create searchable PDF files or convert documents to editable text files. In addition, TWAIN drivers allow seamless integration with third-party applications.

Scan anywhere

The DS-80W scanner has built-in Wi-Fi and battery, as well as an LCD display, providing true mobility to scan anywhere at speeds of up to 4 seconds per page. Once the battery is fully charged, scan up to 300 pages without a power source. It is therefore ideal for mobile workers who need to scan on the go or in tight spaces.

Perfect organization

The software provided with the DS models is Document Capture Pro 2, Epson Scan 2.0 and incorporates TWAIN driver support, making it easy to scan, save and share information within the company. Advanced file naming, separation and document routing features make scanning a simple and logical process. Users can save and send files in popular formats like PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc. Continuous scanning with auto feed mode speeds up the scanning process, and the CIS sensor offers instant scanning without any warm-up time. The new LCD panel makes it easy to define scan tasks when working remotely.


The ability to scan a wide variety of document and media types makes this model a reliable asset. It supports papers from 35g / m² to 270g / m² and documents up to 1.8m in length.

Features :

Scanning speed: 15 ppm

Charger: 1

Daily Production: 300

Epson DS-80W